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Ideally, the best way to see the Colosseum in Rome is when it's quiet, but alas this is easier said than done. The mighty Amphitheatrum Flavium is possibly one. Answer 1 of Without pre-purchased tickets, or a Roma Pass, what is the best way to see the Colosseum, Forum and Palantine Hill?. Answer 1 of We're a family of 7 planning a future trip to Rome. We'll be visiting the Colosseum, of course, and most of us love history, we.

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Is it wrong to do your Colosseum tour by hovercraft? All hotels in Rome I wish to connect with people from around the world as we share our love of travelling, history, culture, museums, and the occasional cemetery. But this is also the best time to visit if you want to take an evening tour, as the Colosseum stays open until 7 p. I would recommend getting the Roma Pass if you plan to be in Rome for a few days; it covers many museums and other sites. How to avoid scams at the Colosseum: Followers Be the first to follow this question Follow Question.


Rome, Italy: The Colosseum best way to see colosseum rome The Colosseum underground is a fantastic visit, taking filme gucken kostenlos und legal both a reconstruction and the original ruins of the underground level where gladiators and animals were once kept before they sunmaker mobile hoisted onto the arena floor. Colosseum Rome Italy February How can I get tickets? You can purchase this general ticket at any time and can use it within the calendar year of purchase- perfect for those folks who love to plan things far in advance. The pass allows you to visit any two attractions for free and offers a discount for any other attraction you visit after those first two -- on the day of purchase. We would need English guides. A noontime visit in the spring and summer months can be dehydrating as sun shines directly into the arena, like a light on a petri dish.