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Objectives: The first part of this tutorial contains a list of theorems that can be used to evaluate many limits. The second part contains a collection of examples. Limits and an Introduction to Calculus. Introduction to Limits. Techniques for Evaluating Limits. The Tangent Line Problem. Limits at Infinity. MIT grad shows what a limit is, how to read the notation, what it means on a graph and how to find the limit on. introduction to limits However, this will not work with all limits. Using this circle, we can prove. As x approaches infinity, then 1 x approaches 0. But what happens if both the numerator and the denominator tend to 0? Now on to the definition of continuity at a point that is stargames:net a open interval; that is, not including the endpoints.

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Once again, fancy notation, but it's asking something pretty, pretty, pretty simple. Limits are concerned with what the value of a function in this case, y approaches as a variable it is based on in this case, x approaches a number in this case, , not the actual value of the function when the variable equals the number. So let me get the calculator out, let me get my trusty TI out. Because if you set, let me define it. Not the most beautifully drawn parabola in the history of drawing parabolas, but I think it'll give you the idea. So let me graph it.


Calculus 1 Lecture 1.1: An Introduction to Limits

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